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  • February 1, 2018

Non Smoker rates for Vapers

Non Smoker rates for Vapers

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The growth in e-cigarette usage in Ireland over the last two years has been phenomenal, with their presence in almost all shopping centres and retails outlets notable.

There are currently only two insurers in the Irish Market who offer non-smoker rates to those individuals using e-cigarettes, provided they have not smoked any form of tobacco within the last 12 months.

We have been reliably informed that this is being reviewed by reinsurers and e-cigarettes users could soon be deemed to be smokers !!

If you have given up smoking 12 months ago or more and are currently using an e-cigarette, you could make considerable savings on your life assurance premiums.

See below for an interesting comparison between smoker and non-smoker premiums:

*premiums taken from best advice comparison tool on 13/10/2017
2017 Comparison of Life Insurance costs between smokers and non-smokers
Based on a Dual Life, Level Term policy
Male 42 next birthday – Female 46 next birthday
Sum Assured €250,000
Term 25 years

We have already seen a number of our clients benefit from these significant savings, if you would like to discuss a review of your Life Assurance/Mortgage Protection policy please contact us here at Mortgage Xpress on 016219799 for a quote.